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Facebook Fined; Woes Continue to Mount

Recently, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission levied a $5 billion fine against Facebook. While the fine didn’t make a dent in Facebook’s stock price, the company remains under scrutiny as lawmakers and the public increasingly look for ways to reign in the company and other tech giants. While these companies… Read More

Will Algorithms Dictate What the Media Reports?

BU Today has an excellent article on how big data is impacting traditional news outlets. While online readers still seek out stories of interest to them, stories also chase readers, sent by algorithms and guided by a reader’s online reading and search choices. Art Janke explores whether or not that’s… Read More

Navigating Change Through Digital Disruption

In a digitally disrupted world, navigating change is essential. Recently Grant Thornton provided some tips to business leaders to navigate the turbulent business waters ahead. We couldn’t agree more with their tips and we’d add a number eight: make communications a fundamental top priority. Organizations that provide consistent and… Read More

Defenders of Truth

Our data driven, digitally enhanced world can give one pause. Going to see the Lion King after reading David Von Drehle’s piece in the Washington Post, “The Lion King Remake is Terrifying and Why it Has Nothing to Do with The Movie,” really drove home that point. The number of… Read More