Promo Contest Builds Enthusiasm Among Burrito Lovers

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Chipotle Great Burrito Hunt

The Great Burrito Hunt brings parks partnership to life

To add excitement and value to Chipotle’s partnership with the Naperville (Ill.) Park District, Buzz Monkeys planned a month-long Great Burrito Hunt to get Naperville residents into the parks and generate burrito buzz. With a year of free burritos on the line for every one found, word spread rapidly in newspapers and online conversations as the 30 huge faux burritos were hidden.

Before dawn on kick-off day, burrito hunters took to the parks … with a few even playing hooky from school and work. The Park District’s website kept a live tally and posted photos of winners as they turned in their giant foiled finds. To celebrate the end of the hunt, winners gathered at Chipotle for a “wrap party.” In addition to significantly increasing traffic in the parks and at Chipotle, the Great Burrito Hunt generated more than two million media impressions, including 15 print stories, two radio interviews, and a story on