International Media Outreach Tells Manufacturers Story During A Global Crisis

putzmeister work


Helping a company manage the spotlight

Following the March 2011 earthquake that devastated Japan’s eastern coast, a Wisconsin company found itself uniquely positioned to help. Putzmeister America, a division of one of the world’s most well-known and respected heavy equipment manufacturers, was able to send two boom pumps – the largest in the world – to help a worldwide effort underway to cool Fukushima’s Number 4 reactor.

Given the nature of the story, the media was very interested in covering all aspects of the effort. Putzmeister turned to Buzz Monkeys to help organize information and inquiries and to share Putzmeister’s role as the broader global story quickly unfolded.

The agency sent team members to each coast – one to Atlanta and one to L.A. – to coordinate media coverage as the pumps were loaded onto two of the world’s largest cargo planes. The rest of the team managed a call center back in Milwaukee, conducting outreach and fielding media inquiries, distributing photos and video footage, and coordinating interviews with Putzmeister’s CEO.

Media coverage was abundant, with highlights that included CNN, FOX News, Good Morning America, the Associated Press, USA Today, New York Magazine, The Washington Post and many other outlets around the country.