Corporate Responsibility Program Empowers People To Weather The Storm

Kohler power generator

Kohler Power

Targeted media relations supports regional sales

Buzz Monkeys developed a targeted media relations program for Kohler Power that matched up well with its regional sales and distribution channels, helping the generator and engine manufacturer reach a broader audience. In addition, through outreach to a variety of vertical industry publications including marine, trucking, home building, retail and home health care, Kohler was able to further spread the message about its products.

Buzz Monkeys managed the production of a short b-roll news video featuring Ed Del Grande, a home improvement expert, to speak on a range of topics related to permanent stand-by power generators. Ed shared informative tips about preparing for storms and power outages, what type of homeowner can most benefit from a stand-by power generator, and more.

By monitoring for severe weather and prolonged power outages, Buzz Monkeys specifically targeted news media in relevant regions. Contacts were sent the b-roll footage and were offered a live, on-site interview with Ed. To further enhance the pitch, Buzz Monkeys created a “storm bucket” Ed could fill with items that are useful during a power outage, giving a great visual focal point for TV news interviews.

Pulling together the news footage and storm bucket, along with resources such as frequently asked questions about stand-by power and tips for storm preparedness, Buzz Monkeys helped provide Kohler Power with a comprehensive resource package that defined their position as an industry leader and reached a broad yet targeted audience.