Start-Up Nonprofit Seeks To Engage A Community & Boost Attendance

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Milwaukee Film

Buzz Monkeys plays supporting role launching Milwaukee Film Festival

Milwaukee Film was established in 2008 to present Milwaukee’s premiere film festival each fall, and the young organization looked to Buzz Monkeys to guide them in their communications and marketing efforts as they worked to build a solid reputation and foundation in the community.

Throughout 2009 and 2010, Buzz Monkeys provided strategic guidance on positioning, messaging, and promotional outreach. We also created plans for and helped execute grassroots marketing promotions, street team outreach, a social media presence, and community partnerships. Our team managed the advertising and collateral design process each year, and Buzz Monkeys also conducted all media relations surrounding the festival and the events leading up to it.

Over two years, awareness, excitement – and best of all, ticket sales, membership, and community support – steadily grew. After the 2010 festival, Buzz Monkeys and Milwaukee Film worked together to transition the organization’s marketing and PR efforts to Milwaukee Film’s new marketing director.

Milwaukee Film continues to utilize Buzz Monkeys as a mentor and guide, and Buzz Monkeys counts Milwaukee Film among its most valued friends and partners.