National TV Coverage Helps UMI Shoes Put Its Best Foot Forward

umi shoes

Umi Shoes

Children’s shoe company shines with New York City media

To promote a newcomer on the children’s shoe scene, Buzz Monkeys facilitated the donation of more than 4,000 pairs of Umi Shoes to the “Today Show” Annual Holiday Toy Drive, providing warmth and comfort to lots of little feet and giving style-conscious moms across the country a glimpse at Umi’s funky and functional children’s shoes.

Maximize staff productivity during the NYC visit, Buzz Monkeys also coordinated a concurrent editorial tour, pitching Umi’s style and sensibility to key children’s magazine and fashion editor, as well as sharing the entrepreneurial adventures of Umi’s founder with high-profile national business editors.

Meeting with publications such as InStyle, Fortune, Small Business, and Child helped raise Milwaukee-based Umi’s profile on the national playing field and resulted in product placements in several prominent publications. In addition, a local Umi coupon promotion on the day of the “Today Show” appearance generated excitement from consumers and solidified the company’s relationships with key local retailers.