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From Panhandler to WOM Success Story

Ted Williams Racks Up Job Offers From Online Video

I love a good social media success story, especially one that helps people down on their luck. Such is the case with Ted Williams, the Ohio panhandler who has become an overnight sensation and word of mouth phenomenon, thanks to the power of viral video.

In case you missed his appearance on The Today Show, check it out here


The power of online video is indisputable in its role to positively or negatively affect word of mouth. In Ted Williams’ case, any brand that connects with him will automatically get a positive halo effect – even if he is high-risk. It’s pop culture at its best and many companies are eager to capitalize on his newfound celebrity.

AdAge recently announced that Kraft Macaroni & Cheese will use Mr. William’s voice in a new ad to tie in with the brand’s “Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl” telecast in San Francisco.

He’s also reportedly received a mountain of inquiries from the Cleveland Cavaliers, MTV, ESPN, and the National Football League.

How are you harnessing the power of online video for word of mouth success?


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