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5 Word of Mouth Truths

Do you want to engage in a word of mouth campaign to reap its many rewards to build brand exposure? If so, keep these 5 truths in mind as you develop a plan and budget:

WOM Truth #1 – Social media is not free

Social media takes time. You’ll have to budget for it whether you have an internal staff working on communications tactics in each channel or an outside consultant handling it.

For starters, it take paid tools like Social Oopmh and Tweet Adder to manage accounts. Then there’s online newsletter services like Constant Contact or Emma, expert resources to help write blog content, videography services, Facebook ads, and products or coupons for reviews and giveaways.

WOM Truth #2 – Daily monitoring reaps rewards

One of the main attributes of engaging in a dialogue with current and potential customers which builds word of mouth, is that you can do just that. So take advantage of the medium which allows the freedom of communicating as often as possible. Doing so will strengthen relationships. Keeping on top of daily monitoring gives you access to real-time conversations where you can reward audiences for participation or head off any negative issues immediately.

WOM Truth #3 – Build audiences based on Quality vs. Quantity

Tracking increased Fans and Followers on weekly reports looks great on paper, but what is that doing for your business?

Social media is similar to your best customers. Here’s a typical sales scenario: 80 percent of sales come from 20 percent of customers. The goal for sales and social media should be the same, make raving fans out of the other 80 percent to see sales and word of mouth go through the roof!

WOM Truth #4 – Passionate fans feed viral growth

The more people believe in a brand or service, the more they’ll recommend it to their friends. That’s how Craig’s List and Angie’s List got started. Keep the passion going by following #5.

WOM Truth #5 – Engage in genuine, two-way conversations

In social media, you hear a lot about transparency, being real, staying true to core values. These are paramount to any two-way conversations you have with audiences in the social space. Between talking and listening, listening is most important action in order to respond to customer needs.


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