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Mind of the Monkey

There’s a little social phenomenon we know and love, the “Buzz Monkey Effect.” Nothing else in fact, fiction, or urban legend so accurately personifies word-of-mouth marketing in action.

Channeling our inner anthropologists, we set off on a grand adventure to showcase the stories, brands and people that make this monkey magic happen. Here, we’ll bring you an insider’s look at those brilliant moments in marketing evolution when an idea or product captures the imagination of consumers. We’ll also share our insights on industry news and trends.

Check back with us often as we continue to share updates and insights from the field!


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Don't Let the Fans Control the Message

Don't Let the Fans Control the Message  Thumbnail

Most business leaders are big fans of what their companies do. They believe in the value of their products and services and, God bless them, they should. But good marketers realize that just because clients are convinced that everyone needs what they’re selling doesn’t mean it’s self-evident to prospective purchasers.

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Influence the Influencer

Influence the Influencer   Thumbnail

Instead of talking about how great your brand is, wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone else said it? Better yet, someone credible? Someone respected by your target customer? Someone whose opinion and reach had the power to influence a purchasing decision? Welcome to the idea of influencing the influencer as part of your marketing campaign.

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Creativity, Leadership and Influence – David Bowie-Style

Creativity, Leadership and Influence – David Bowie-Style Thumbnail

I recently had the good fortune to catch the David Bowie exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago before it closed and I can’t stop thinking about it. The exhibit explored more than five decades in the extraordinary career of David Bowie as a pioneer, cultural icon, innovator, and influencer of music, art, design, fashion and more. 

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The continuing evolution of McDonalds

The continuing evolution of McDonalds Thumbnail

I took my son to McDonalds last week to treat him to an ice cream sundae.

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Best Word of Mouth Brands for 2010

Best Word of Mouth Brands for 2010 Thumbnail

Vitrue Ranks Top 100 Social Brands

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