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Social Media Matters

Building a Community Through Likes and Links

Social media is a term that may still make some squirm. As the era of the selfie progresses, it’s easy to write off this form of sharing and engaging as trivial, even narcissistic. However, for businesses looking to connect with an audience, these platforms are blessings in disguise.

I remember how my college public relations professor talked about the “tribe” concept in relation to the social media phenomenon. Digital platforms strengthen tribes—people with common interests, jobs, hobbies, beliefs, etc. They connect an audience based on a simple (but often difficult to answer) question: What do you want?

The Malt Shoppe is a craft beer store that opened in the Milwaukee area in October and answered that very question. It alerted beer enthusiasts to the delights of craft beer using social media engagement. To build a group of supporters even prior to its launch, The Malt Shoppe tapped Buzz Monkeys to manage a Facebook page. This included posting relevant, tailored content focused on craft beer, as well as links to any coverage The Malt Shoppe received.

Ads that linked to Facebook along with Buzz Monkeys’ media pitching and social media efforts proved that “likes” sometimes do equate with success. The social media campaign skyrocketed The Malt Shoppe’s Facebook page traffic, and ultimately helped create a wildly successful grand opening. If you’re strategic about how you send a message, the right people will listen. 


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